The Jethal Show


We’re Still Alive!! Join us this week as Jethal and Elquin bid farewell to the Nights of the Dead for another year – The Drunken Dwarf and Cheesit hit the Karaoke Bar – Get ready to Win a prize as we play “Kiting Elquin”! Music, Mayhem and More! Tell your friends, tell your guild mates, tell your enemies.. tell that little punk who ganked your phat lewt during that raid last weekend.. remember the guy? yeah, you remember.. he said he was “RyGorr” geared, but showed up with feyiron chainmail? yeah, that guy.. Tell him too! THIS is the Jethal Silverwing Show!

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Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific
As Always, Join us IN GAME by typing /join antonia_bayle.ogr

Author: Jethal