Breaking News: Nutcracker Protest!


Breaking news out of the city of Qeynos, this morning, as Ratongas gather in mass in the town’s Claymore plaza to protest this year’s Frostfell’s production of “The Nutcracker”!

Slippy Cheesemuncher, leader of the rally, exclaims outrage and disappointment at the Qeynos Municipal Theater for giving the role of the Mice and Mouse King to Non-Ratongans. “We’s perfects for the parts! Why uses Gnomes with the fakes tail and ears?”, Slippy asks. “We’s new to the Qeynoses and wants to shows our support to the theatric.. theatrica.. to the Plays!!”, he continues, “We’s not even wants to be paid for the roles.. Just lets us take homes the Gingerbreads mens to our families for a nice Frostfells dinner.” When informed that the role of the Gingerbread Men where also actors in costume, Slippy suggested a negotiable arrangement involving candy canes and cookies.

How can we, as good citizens in standing with the City of Qeynos allow this attrocity to continue? Good and Wholesome Ratongas want nothing more than to live with us in peace and harmony and occasionally nibble some cheese and sweets.

Please write to the General Manager of the Qeynos Municipal Theater for Performing Arts, and make your opinion known.

Author: Jethal