Holiday Contest #1!


Frostfell Contest #1!

I was going to run a series of contests on Facebook only, but then figured that would leave some folks out of the running, so we’ll just do it here at!


That’s right.. Santa (Father Frostfell) has pop’d up behind Cheesit and has said something to him to make the little Ratonga Gasp! what could it be?? That’s up to YOU!!

Add a caption Using whatever image editing software you may have.. Photoshop, Paintshop, etc..

From Tuesday, November 29th, until Monday December 5th, we will be taking entries on this contest. Submit your entry to (or reply here at – Jethal and Elquin will decide the winner and make the announcement on the Jethal Silverwing Show on December 6th!

Make sure to include you Image Submission.. Character Name and Server

Winner will receive 1,000 Station Cash!

Author: Jethal