It’s Frostfell Time!


From Zam…

EQII’s annual holiday event starts after tomorrow’s downtime.

The season of giving and cheer will start on Tuesday, December 6, after the downtime that launches the Age of Discovery expansion. Will you create a new Beastlord before running to seeSanta Glug, who has added seven new presents to his bag this year?

This year Frostfell introduces a new quest: Frostfell Decoration Committee, which is a bit like a crafting mission as you help the Frostfoot goblins decorate Permafrost. The classic Grab ‘n’ Tag game has been retired, and players can play the new Frostfell Candy Grab in Antonica and Commonlands for fun prizes and Frozen Tokens of E’ci!

There are also three new recipe books for the craft-a-holics which include such items as the Candy-Stripped Sword Of Doom, a Holiday Candy Bowl, and a variety of floating Fairy Lights!

ZAM is pleased to again offer our updated Frostfell Quest Tracker. Print it out and chart up to 15 of your characters’ progress! Happy Frostfell!

Author: Jethal