RIP Mario


Tonight, with tear-filled eyes, we say goodbye to our golden haired cuddle kitty.

Mario, always a rag-doll – easy going and willing to lend a purring lap-warming snuggle, passed away around 1:30pm on Jan 18th, in the lap of “The Boy”, who held him and petted his best friend until the end. He’s been laid to rest beside his brother, Rascal, in the back yard.

I can’t help but picture Mario walking through the mist of kitty heaven, to be pounced by his brother as a friendly welcome home.

Elquin shared a few memories on her Facebook Page..

I remember catch you and your brother stealing Twinkies out of box on the kitchen table and followed you both to your hiding place under the recliner. The stash of empty wrappers and a few unopened Twinkies tucked neatly away under there. To think I blamed the boy for the empty wrappers I had found when it was you two all along.

The Boy shares this..

R.I.P My Kitty Mario, I will miss you with all my heart and soul. I will miss your meows and purrs everyday. I love you Mario. Sleep well my Orange Kitty.


Author: Jethal