Hotfix Tuesday



  • Fixed a bug where some characters wouldn’t show on character select.


  • Tower of Frozen Shadow (Raid)
    • Tserrina’s spell “Wing Buffet” should no longer cause priests to become knocked back.
    • Adds spawned from shadow doors should no longer spawn quite as quickly.
    • The number of adds that spawn from shadow doors has been slightly reduced.

Tower of Frozen Shadow: Umbral Halls

  • Demanti Sheda should no longer have issues resetting his encounter.
  • Demanti Sheda’s spell “Paralyzing Fear” should now stun instead of fearing and has been reduced in duration.

Elements of War [Challenge]

  • Terrinon Bloodclaw now has less strikethrough ability.

Tower of Tactics

  • Lady V’uul will no longer spawn archers once defeated.

Vallon’s Tower [Challenge]

  • Ambassador Grindstone’s Council Judgment proc now only lasts half as long and is no longer a curse.
  • During the Hand of Vallon/Golem fight the golems should no longer get out of color synch or double cast any spells.
  • During the final Vallon Zek fight – Fighters no longer destroy domes if they enter with the wrong color. Only non-fighters destroy domes in this way. You have more time to react before the domes spawn to get out of the way, and after the domes spawn to get in the proper color dome. Tactical Toll no longer snares players.

Tallon’s Stronghold [Challenge]

  • Tyrax Terrolus will no longer curse the main tank with Tyrax’s Edict.

Kael Drakkel contested

  • Boss mobs will now cast curses less frequently.

Stonebrunt Highlands

  • Ghazi the Conqueror should no longer retreat from battle with mercenaries.


  • All Dungeon Maker avatars should now be the same tier.


  • The elemental disc mounts from the 8th year veteran rewards should now be able to be used by 85th level tradeskillers.
  • Yellow adornments on the Ry’Gorr, Thurgadin, and Snowfang merchants should now offer options for beastlords.
  • Fertilizer treasure should once again be able to be sold on the broker.
  • The AOE radius on Tradeskill Apprentice priest 2hander procs has been reduced from 25m to 5m.
  • Added beastlord items to loot tables for EoW.
  • Increased crit chance on EoW 2handers.


  • Beastlord Epic
    • There are no longer two axiom within the Great Divide that share the same name.
Author: Jethal