Farewell, Domino..


Tradeskill Goddess, turned EQII Associate Producer – Emily “Domino” Taylor, announced today that she is leaving the EverQuest 2 Team at Sony Online Entertainment.

They don’t warn you when you get hired to work on an awesome MMO like EQ2 that leaving the job isn’t like quitting McDonald’s; it’s like ripping out your heart and stomping on it! But today is my last day on the EQ2 team and it’s been nothing but the best times, the best of co-workers, and the best of players, all of whom I’ll miss ridiculously much. ♥ On the lighter side, a certain guild on Antonia Bayle is about to be very surprised to discover I’ve been in their guild for the last 4 years. Maybe now they’ll understand why my play schedule has been so sporadic and irregular, especially around expansions. 🙂

We love Domino. Her tireless efforts in the Tradeskill Developement transformed crafting in EQ2 from a tedeous bore, to something fun and interesting. We are proud that we were able to get Emily on The Jethal Show, back in November.

[pro-player height=”50″ type=’sound’]http://podcast.onlinegamingradio.com/jethal_20111115.mp3[/pro-player]

What’s next for the spunky little halfling? We’re not sure, but her Facebook profile still has her listed as working for SOE, so I’m hoping we’ll see her again in some other form!

Author: Jethal