The Plague!!


Well, listeners to The Jethal Show will know that Elquin’s been sick for a few weeks.. today we got the diagnosis of “Whooping Cough”, aka “Pertussis“. The northwest has had quite an epidemic of the disease this year, and Elquin is not immune. Fortunately for myself, I got the vaccination just last month when I went in to see the doctor on an unrelated matter.

Don’t worry, she’ll be fine – the doc has her on anti-biotics and just to be safe, she’s staying clear of our bedroom so I minimize exposure.

For those of you who raid with Elquin on a daily basis, don’t worry, there’s not much of a chance of contamination through the internet.

If you’d like more information on the disease and how to protect yourself.. you can read up at the Center for Disease Control:

Author: Jethal