EQ2 August Plans


It’s a new month, and things are happening in the summer sun!

  • Tinkerfest: July 29th – Aug 8th
  • Ethereal Weapons Dropping
  • Internal Mini-Games
  • SOEmote!

We are really excited to have the community jump in and use SOEmote. As we’ve always said, with EQII as a role-playing game, we want to support players who want to become their characters! With our partners with SOEmote, Image Metrics and Vivox, we really hope you enjoy it and build incredible experiences from it. More than anything, we want to see all the creative ways that you, our imaginative players, use it. Look for a contest soon asking you to submit your own SOEmote videos through our in-game YouTube feature! ~Holly Windstalker

For details on all these events, check out the write-up at EverQuest2.com!

Author: Jethal