Get 10% OFF SOELive!!


We LOVE Linda “Brasse” Carlson!!

  • Linda: I have a set of ten 10% off SOE Live coupons available for the Jethal Silverwing show if you are interested!
  • Jethal: Sounds awesome!!
  • Linda: This code is good for 10% off the entire admission price until 9/30 (when registration closes). It will work ten times – so if you want to make it first come first served (like a Ratonga banquet), that works, or give them to folks who will DEFINITELY go (don’t waste ’em!)

Hmmm.. Give them to 10 people I know are going.. or.. Ratonga Free-for-All..


First 10 people to use this code gets 10% Off their SOE LIVE ADMISSION PRICE!! (expires 9/30/12) – if you try it and it doesn’t work, you can assume that all 10 have been used up.


Author: Jethal