EverQuest 2 Apps


I came across a few apps for EverQuest 2 that I think are just really neat, thought I’d share them with you all!

EverQuest 2 Theme (Download) for Go Launcher EX

This is a theme near and dear to the hearts of all involved with WetWyered. As a collective we’ve all been involved with EQ2 for almost 8 years and have built many friendships in it, including the one between the two controlling interests in this company. So, we decided to give back a little from what the game has given us by creating this “totally free” theme. We will from time to time update it with interesting add-ons and graphical content, so stay tuned! Wetwyered would also like to thank “Binary IT Systems” for their technical expertise in getting our packages ready for upload!

  • Download “Go Launcher EX” (free)
    • I’ve been using Go Launcher for a few years now, and it’s a great replacement for the default UI (user interface) Very customizable.. or leave it alone with your selected themes defaults. While some of the Themes could cost 0.99 to 1.99 – the majority of them are Free
  • Download “EverQuest 2 Theme” (free) for the Go Launcher
    • This is a great theme, a tribute to EverQuest 2. Wallpaper, Icon overlays, etc. See the images below.
EQ2 Search (Download)

This application is able to access SOE’s Everquest 2 data and show it on a mobile phone. It provides the following services:

  • Get server status
  • Search characters and show their attributes
  • Search guilds and show the guild roster
  • Search in-game items and show their stats
  • Get information about advanced achievements by class or for selected character
Author: Jethal