EQ2 Highlights from SOELive

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Information from SoE Live for those interested (more to come in a couple of hours). No, I’m not there. This is from my SoE Live Source (who wishes to remain anonymous, or I’d thank them publicly for passing this on)!• Changes to the EXP System:
o Adjustments to mentor exp (no details, very vague)

• Changes to the way exp gain is split between group members
o Exp no longer ‘split’, instead each person on the mobs hate list receives full exp, as though they had killed it solo

o Group members who aren’t on the hate list receive a split as it exists currently (ie, auto-following toons not contributing will not receive the full exp)

• Expansion bonus: everyone purchasing the expansion receives two potions that set a level90+ toons AAs to 280 (free AA plvl)

• Level cap increase to 95

• New amenities: guild chronomage and guild deity altars

• Tradeskill AAs no longer share a pool with adventuring AAs. Instead you are auto granted tradeskill AA points to spend as you level from 10-18.

• Tradeskill prestige AAs from level 90+, 1 point every 20% of a level.
o Split into three categories: Refining and Salvaging, Mass Production, and Experimentation

• Refining and Salvaging
o Havest node tracking
o Goblin harvester (same as the pack pony, but can harvest rares)
o Mobile crafting stations
o Ability to deconstruct items to create raw materials
o Ability to refine rares into special rares that add bonus stats to crafted items

• Mass Production
o Self explanatory, create more than 1 item at a time

• Experimentation
o Similar system to reforging, but done at the time of creation
o Able to increase a stat on the item, add particle effects, and add procs
o Able to ‘experiment’ multiple times on an item, with each attempt becoming more difficult
o If you fail, item goes boom!

• Adornment removers
o Crafted by tinkerers
o Two types: remove single adorn and remove all adorns
o Item goes boom once you remove adorns

• New level 90 white adornments, crafted by adorners

• Items in the next expansion will have a chance to drop already adorned with a yellow or red adorn. Unknown what kind, but able to be removed or overridden

• Spirit Stones, aka leveling adornments:
o New adorn slot, Green adorns
o Different methods of leveling: total healing, total damage, number of kills of X mob type, or straight up exp gain.
o Some dropped in game, some crafted by tinkerers

Prestige AAs:
• New layout of trees, may cause some classes to have to alter their current set up

Interesting New Mechanics coming:
• Prestige AAs able to ‘override’ reuse and cast speed caps, essentially modifying the base reuse/cast of a spell before stats are applied
o Example given: Templar group cure able to be reduced from 10sec reuse to 5sec reuse

• Incremental buffs and debuffs, so cures would remove a portion of the effect, not all

• Heals and wards capable of affecting raid members with the most need
o Example given: a heal that hits the 2 players in raid with the lowest current % hp

Questions of Note:
• PoW still relevant after expansion launch. Entrance EM raids in CoE will be roughly equivalent to Drunder HM gear. CoE HM encounters will top PoW loot.

• 3 new avatars coming with expansion launch

• Current 3 avatars (Sullon, Tallon, Vallon) being made more difficult at expansion launch.

Author: Jethal