Marketplace – Visible Quivers!


Today, Rangers have something to be Thankful For!

For years, I’ve been a loud voice for appearance Quivers in EQII – on the Forums, on my show, in person, harassing Brasse and Gobrin, and even Smedley. Today, the day before Thanksgiving.. we got our wish and the Appearance Quiver has arrived in the Marketplace!

Located under “Bags”, the Red and Black Quivers are 44 slot bags.. and not actually quivers.. but, who cares!

  • Purchase for 500sc, which is average for bags.
  • Place in your bag inventory slot
  • Activate the appearance item
      • Right-click on the quiver and choose “Use as back appearance” …or
      • Open your character sheet, click “Options”. Under “Graphics”, choose the quiver from your Back Gear.


Author: Jethal