Marketplace: All Aboard!!


Well, there’s been a few additions to the marketplace in EQII lately.  The biggest of which has to be the “Galleon of Dreams” which is, to our delight, a Ship!! That’s right, we get to have our own ship!  Well, it doesnt really go anywhere, but it’s still pretty damned cool. Here are some of the things I like.. and dont like..

  • Pro: It’s a ship!
  • Con: It’s not a complete ship!
    • There is no “below deck” and there’s one heck of a large area of the 2nd level that could be a room, but is.. nothing.
    • There’s also a boarded up doorway.. that leads to.. a small closet.. except you can’t go in there.
  • Pro: Music and Weather!
    • Right click on the ship’s wheel and you can select from a few choices of weather and music options
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      • [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=664 linktext=’EQII Galleon Theme 2′ /]
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  • Con: You cant swim!
    • Set one foot into the water surrounding the boat and you’ll find yourself zoning to the “Safe point”
  • Pro: Lots of Room!
  • Con: Too Much Room!
    • As I’ve noted with a lot of the prestige homes.. it’s simply too big. If they had scaled it down by 1/3 I think it’d be ok.

So there you have it, my review of the Galleon of Dreams Prestige Home!

Author: Jethal