Meme Contest!


This MEME is a new classic – and fitting on a lot of levels.  People have been altering this image to express how they think board meetings MUST play out.. (Here are some examples)

So, here’s what you need to do..

  • In panel #2 – add your own idea of how Game Development Meetings happen..
  • First two people in the meeting suggest things that may be bad, or may sound good, but that will usually be a disaster..
  • the third conveys something that the players will love, and have probably been asking to be added to the game, for years.
  • Finally the Boss has a “How dare you suggest such a thing” look on his face, and throws the ‘good idea’ guy out of the window!

Don’t worry, this is all in fun.. and the entries will actually be judged by volunteers who work for SOE!! There will be no retribution – just good humored laughs 🙂

Submit your entries to “” by Feb 1st 2013 for a chance to win the official Fironia Vie figure from Sony Online Entertainment.

Author: Jethal