Cheap Glasses?? not too bad

Zenni Glasses Test
Zenni Glasses Test

Two weeks ago, I posted on Facebook that I was looking into getting some inexpensive glasses from a site called Zenni Optical.  Well they just arrived, so let’s have a look

OK, I know.. they look totally dorky. As this was only a test of the online service, I ordered the cheapest pair I could.

The glasses arrived wrapped in a microfiber cloth, packaged in a standard poly bubble padded envelope, and a very cheap glasses case, that was too small for the order. Probably not the best choice for sending glasses, but they arrived unharmed with no scratches.

How do they work? Not bad.. During the ordering process, they want you to print off a guide so you can measure the distance between your pupils, after calling Lenscrafters and getting their measurement  I see now that I was off a little. Vision is OK, but a little off. If I had gotten metal frames, I’m sure I could bend and adjust them to work just fine.

The bottom line here is.. I really recommend you go to a real optometrist office for your glasses so they can be properly measured and  fit to your individual needs – you seriously dont want to mess up your vision with messed up lenses, that may have subtle defects.. Sears usually has a “Buy 2 pairs for $99” deal going on. BUT, if you are broke and really need glasses, and have a prescription . Zenni may be your answer.. at least temporarily. My glasses (pictured) ended up being $15 with shipping. Yes, $15.

Author: Jethal