Donate Blood!


I think this is a great idea! I haven’t donated blood in a long time.. but this will get me in the chair.

Friends of Chris (aka “Wars Sheol” of EverQuest),

I would like to ask those of who play Everquest and Everquest II to join me in a player run iniative: a virtual blood drive in honor of our dear friend Chris, WARS!

Chris has agreed to the drive. SoE has agreed to help publicize the event. But it has to be a player run initative.

I want the emphasis to be on Chris and I am hoping some of you who play EQ and EQ II will join me. To get SoE to publicize it in social media, I need to put a post on the EQ and EQ II player forums. To do that, it needs to be signed with Game (EQ/EQII) Character Name and Server. It would be great to have a whole list of names to go with those posts.

My plan is to ask people who donate in response this drive to send an email to an address that I have set up. I will ask them to include the game that they play or if they are a personal friend and the state in which they donated. I will post the running and daily count here on Chris’ facebook page.

If someone donates at the Red Cross and fills out a card stating that they are donating in honor of “EQ-WARS!”, the lady who coordinates blood drives for the section of Illinois where I live will collect cards from across the country and get them to his address so that Chris’ family knows about the drive.

Please reply to this post if you are willing to have your game, character and server added to the announcement. If you want to be added but retired for a bit, then include that as well. Please note that we are using in game identification, not real life names.

I was moved by Chris’ request to help people with blood donations and I want to help him help people, don’t you?


For those of you who don’t know.. our friend Chris (Wars Sheol of EQ1) has been in an epic battle with a rare form of skin cancer.. unfortunately, it’s developed into “Acute Myelogenous Leukemia“. And he announced on his Facebook wall.. that his doctors say he doesn’t have long to live. Please help us in this effort.

Source: Facebook

Author: Jethal