RIP William “Paul Bearer” Moody


Last week, the world of Sports Entertainment lost one of the most recognizable personalities in WWE History.

William Moody, was first known to me by his managing persona “Percival Pringle the 3rd”, during his time in World Class Championship Wrestling.  One of the funnier skits revolved around the fact that he billed himself as being from Mobile, Alabama.  One day, the ring announcer got up and read a letter “From the people of Mobile, Alabama” – demanding that he STOP associating himself with their fine city.

In 1991, he made a new name for himself – quite literally, as the pale, ghoulish “Paul Bearer”. As Paul Bearer,  became famous for carrying around a brass urn – which was rumored to contain the souls of the Victims of his, long-time, client..  The Undertaker.

Paul Bearer faded in and out of story lines over the last 10 years, eventually managing “Kane” and “Mankind”.. and the character was even killed off.. only to return a few years later to revive the demon within The Taker.

On March 5, 2013, Moody died in Mobile, Alabama at the age of 58 after suffering from issues with his gallbladder.[13] On March 2, he attended a Cauliflower Alley Club reunion. According to club board member “Cowboy” Bob Kelly, Moody was having breathing difficulties at the event, was coughing, and told friends he was going to seek treatment for respiratory problems. Kelly said that Moody was treated for a blood clot after the reunion.

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Author: Jethal