Star Trek – Into Darkness


Fair Warning, this review is full of Spoilers! So if you haven’t seen it, or dont want it ruined for you.. turn back now.

First, I’ll say that I liked this movie. Was it the “awesome and best movie ever” that I’ve heard some geeks raving about? no. But, it was definitely worth seeing.

I know that one of the big draws to the film, was the inclusion of Benedict Cumberbatch, from BBC’s “Sherlock”, as rogue “John Harrison”. (why is that in quotes?? find out in a sec..). And he did a great job, seriously, he was a good match for the role. But, that’s not all this film has to offer.

I’m not gonna lie here, I honestly don’t like Chris Pine‘s “Kirk”.. yes, he’s supposed to be brash and cocky.. but something about Pine’s performance makes me believe that he’s much younger than he actually is. When I see Pine and his portrayal of Kirk, I think to myself.. Why is there a 20-25 year old captaining the Enterprise?? When, in fact, Pine is 33. Yes, William Shatner was 35 (only two years older than Pine) when he made the role iconic, but beneath the cockiness and womanizing, there was maturity. I don’t know.. Pine just seems to have a  “Hey, look at me, I run this shit” attitude when he swaggers onto the bridge. As Capt. Pike noted.. a lack of humility, and I guess that gets under my skin. For all the “Reality slapping Kirk in the face” that these new Star Trek movies bring.. he should probably grow the fuck up.

Zachary Quinto‘s Spock, is dead on. I have no complaints, other than his making out with girlfriend every 15 minutes. He’s a vulcan for fuck sake. Show some restraint before you go into total Pon-Farr, sex mad, breeding mode – ya horney, green blooded, maniac!

Now, let’s get back to Benedict Cumberbatch‘s portrayal of “John Harrison”… or should I say.. wait for it…

That’s right.. it’s revealed about half way through the movie, that John Harrison’s real name is Khan Noonien Singn, which is not a huge surprise, considering the internet was buzzing with “khan” talk as soon as this movie was announced last year. Khan’s backstory is true to the original series.. a genetically engineered being, bred to be superior in every way to the average human, gone mad with power and the desire to kill off anyone who he doesn’t deem to be up to his standards.. namely, everyone else on the planet.

Klingons!! Yes, we get our first look at the updated Kingon race in his movie.. honestly, i’m going to give them a “meh” on the Jethal scale. I honestly think they should have left the design more similar to the Next Generation’s model.

Now for some things that I (and apparently, a lot of people) found to be lacking.. or just confusing. (again.. spoilers!)

  • Spock gets lowered by a cable into an active volcano, in order to place and detonate a “cold fusion” bomb to prevent the eruption.. because the event would wipe out all life on the small planet. His cable breaks and they can’t get a lock on transporter due to the volcanoes activity. And, as we know, they’re playing off that Transporter capabilities aren’t quite up to standard, and are still a little glitchy. Spock demands that they leave him to die, so to not break the Prime Directive. (which is to not interfere in developing cultures, until such time as they are capable of warp-speed space travel).
    1. They broke the prime directive by interfering with the volcano, and therefore altering the fate of the primitive inhabitants. Who were, basically no further along than cavemen.
    2. Why the hell didn’t they just beam the bomb into the volcano? or, lower it down, instead of having Spock bring it? or hell.. have a Red-Shirt do it, not the 2nd in command.
    3. Why didn’t they do all this from Orbit, so there’d be NO CHANCE of the inhabitants (who were cavemen) of seeing them.. instead they hide the Enterprise in a nearby Lake, where they’d be sure to be seen upon departing.
  • The Ending. Why are Khan and his people kept alive? They’re now in their cryo-tubes… I don’t care how well they regenerate, you can’t do that when you’re head is off your body. Keeping them in storage only means they can come back another time, only more pissed off.. and probably on Ceti-Alpha 5.. oh waaaaait a minute..
  • Kirk’s command is taken away from him, only to be given the role as Capt Pike’s 2nd in command.. as soon as I hear that, I knew Pike was gonna get killed within 10 minutes. And he did.
  • Look, I know the female geeks out there all want Uhura to have a bigger role, but seriously, she’s the communications officer, which means she’s no more than a multi-lingual, intergalactic, telephone operator. And setting her primary role to be Spocks love interest, to me, is a little insulting to the character.
    • Why is Uhura here again? Oh yeah, to cause drama for Spock, and have lover’s spats in the middle of dangerous, enemy territory. Perfect. The Feminists should be happy now (sarcasm).
  • Scotty resigns his post, after objecting to the strange torpedoes being on board, because he doesn’t know their make up and has concerns about them interfering with the Warp Core.
    • How the fuck is this advice completely ignored?? Your CHIEF Engineer says.. “Look, if these things interfere with the Warp Core, we’re all dead” (paraphrased).. As captain.. for that matter, as an Ensign.. no no, as the Ship’s Fucking Janitor.. you should PAY THE FUCK ATTENTION. It’s not like you’re on the water, and you can lower life rafts here, if the warp core breaches, you and every thing around you is dead! you Ignorant bastard!
    • Chekov is assigned to replace Scotty. Really? Know who would be a better choice to take over as the Chief Engineer? How about the Assistant Engineer!! Or Anyone who actually WORKS in ENGINEERING!? Not someone who is “Familiar with engineering”.. that’s like having Mr Sulu step down and replacing him with some random guy in the hallway because they can ride a tricycle.

I know all these things are meant to keep the story moving along.. I mean, I’m sure Star Fleet regulations dictate that if the Chief Engineer deems that the cargo is a probable hazard to the Warp Core, the mission is scrapped until they safety can be assured. And their are back up officers, and regulations in place that COULD have resulted in Minor Characters actually stepping up to the plate and saving the day with minimal time lost, but that would take away from the dozen primary characters getting screen time.

So yes, there are issues, as with all movies, and yes.. I realize that the older I get, the more errors I seem to find. Deal with it.

Go see it, if not in the theater, than on Netflix or BluRay when it comes out.

Author: Jethal