Big Bags (Video)


Get a Big Sack (MP3 Download / Youtube Video)
– Parody of Baby got Back by Sir Mix Alot
– For the 2013 SOELive Event

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(Video: Yes, the first few moments are black screen, as they were played out on the stage at SOE Live)

I like Big Bags, of a giant size
Gaming Horders can’t deny
When I’m out all night, Every thing in sight
Is gonna come back to my place
I’m gettin Stung, By the mess I made
Cause ya know my vault is stuffed!

My backpack seams are tearing
Saving armor I ain’t wearing
Oh Baby, i’m under pressure
To do something with this pictures

My best friend tied to tell me..
but my loot is begging PPPlease dont sell me!

Oh, just a pack rat
Collecting odds and ends
I’ll make it and take it
store it up and I just cant shake it

I’m a man of action
when it comes to faction
But i’ll loot, and scoot
before you have time to shoot

In need of an Intervention
But I forgot to mention
Loading up my alts with shiney things
(cheesit) I’m addicted to the bling!

Hey Crafters, Crafters
got your Depot filling up? (hell yeah)
Go Pack it and Stack it!
Fill another house up..
Get a Big Sack!

Gettin more space to store my booty

My packs are full and big
And when I’m home in my digs
Opening my closet door is a gamble
it’s an uphill battle.

Wanna pack it in
UGH, stuff it in, UGH UGH
I can’t have a yard sale
Cause lookin at the loot brings me Joy!

Hey Raiders (yeah)
Traders (yeah)
Have enough loot to fill a crater? (Yeah)
Open up, Fill it up
Even High Elves gotta Shout
Get a big sack!

So, you’re storing up old arm(ah)
Old gear that you’re fond(ah)
But it cant take too long till you start to wonda
My banker cant take none
until you got space, hon.

You can’t bury it or destroy it
But your friends all think you’re nuts

Some brotha’s tellin you Just sell it
Saying your junk is worth some gold
But i’ll keep it and heap it
Even under a rug i’ll sweep it

So, Ladies if need some space
Come on back to my place
Dial 1-800-Crafts-Alot
Put 50 slots on your back
Buy a Big Sack

Author: Jethal