EverQuest Next Song


EverQuest Next (MP3 Download)
– Filk, sung to “I want your sex” by George Michael

There’s things that they tell us
and things we dont know
There’s things that we must have
and things that we dont
There’s Familiar Faces and
names that we know
But Timelines gonna change aaand
It’ll be all new, that’s just the way it goes

Will there be ‘Tongas
Or wide open class?
Will it be balanced?
or kicking my ass..
Cant wait for Beta
To group with my friends
Explore, Adventure
See where this path ends..

Ever Quest Next
Ever Quest, Oh..
Ever Quest Next
Ever Quest… Next

We’ll be shaping like a Mine-Caft what we can sow
Knocking down the walls
Blowing shit up and making holes
My Faction’s burning bridges
My Quests are earning gold
Everything’s in little Voxels..
We’ll be Cutting down trees, just to watch them grow

Will there be Moss Snakes?
Kicking my shins?
Will there be Dwarven
Ladies with beards?
Will there be role play?
Treasure to win?
Where is my Beta
Key to get in?

Ever Quest Next
Ever Quest, Oh..
Ever Quest Next
Ever Quest… Next

(will we be) Customizable?
It’s Destructable
(and have) Collectables?
(everythings) Attackable
We’ll do it all..

I’ve played Everquest 1 and two
They had content for me and you
Come baby and play e-q
Not every body’s logged in
But every body should

It’s got adventure
it’s got fun
Either in a raid
or one on one..
oh, it’s fun..

tell me, What are you so scared of, baby?
Checkin out this new Geography
Lots of adventure and questing baby
Playing a little everquest next with me

Author: Jethal