New Song: Clockworks


Clockworks (MP3 Download)
– Parody of “The Fox” by Ylvis

Gnolls go grrr
Bears go growl
Aviaks squak and the Bixies Buzz
Goblins Grunt, Dryads sigh, and the dragons roar and roar
Sirens sing, Sharks go splash and the meatbeast moos like cows
But there’s a sound, understood by gnomes..

(EQ Clockwork sounds in time with music)

Smokey vents, nuts and bolts, mindless tasks, remote controlled.
Springs and Cogs, Tall wind mills, malfunctioned blades that kill.

What’s in your head? Have we misread.. You blueprints tear my eyes.

And if you need a glob of grease, will you take more than your
fill-ill-ill-ill-ill, fill-ill-ill-ill-ill
Will you short out and kill-ill-ill-ill-ill-ill?

(EQ Clockwork sounds in time with music)

The winding of the Clocks, the turning of the key..
Between the clicks and whirrs, you must be saying..
Gears go round and round, Should we let it go..
My metal man, speak to me.. on your display!!

Author: Jethal