Keeping a promise


I made a promise. And has hard as it is.. I’m keeping it.

When EQII came out, Elquinjena and I hopped on board with both feet – we explored, we adventured, we crafted. But, the one thing I didn’t do.. was say goodbye to the Legion of Kithicor in EQ1. I made a promise that, when the time came for me to move on.. I would actually let everyone know what was happening.

You’ve all noticed that I haven’t been in Norrath in a while. I just haven’t “felt it” in EQII in almost a year. I hate crafting. The only reason Jethal is maxed in Woodworking is because I wanted to get it done so I didnt have to do it anymore. Adventuring holds nothing but frustration and disappointment for me. Most of the people I used to play with, have moved on to other games. I log in, I see no familiar faces, I log out. My average time in EQII has gone from 40+ hours a week, to 40 minutes a month. My heart isn’t in it anymore.

I can honestly say that I sing more about EQ, than I play it. And that’s because Norrath has been a big part of my life for 14 years.

I want to thank you all for being a part of what made my time worth singing about.

Am I gone for good? Am I packing it in and returning to the mortal world to stay? naw.. I’ll be around once in a while. But, Elquin and I have seen the future, and if my future continues in the world of Norrath, it will be in EQNext. KITHICOR.ORG is not going away, and I will continue with my music. Hell, we’ve been tossing around the idea of a new Jethal Show – but, time will tell. The Guild Hall will remain open as long as there are people keeping up the payments. I am not disbanding the guild.

Thank you all for the fun, the laughs, the adventure. You may see me around. and you can always find me on my Facebook page.

Author: Jethal