Prime Grappler Giveaway!


Sorry! It looks like all the codes have been used. Keep an eye on – if i get any more goodies, i’ll post it here! Thanks Sony!


Well, I was considering running a contest for these codes, redeemable for a Prime Grappler in EverQuest Next Landmark.. but, they’re only redeemable in Alpha! And since I have no idea what kind of time we’re talking about here.. LET THE MAD CODE GRAB BEGIN!!

Copy a code, log into your SOE Account and enter the code! (quick link here)

Again.. they can only been redeemed while EQNLandmark is in Alpha, and can only be used ONCE.. so I dont know how long they’ll be good for.

Good Luck!!

  • 7N39-TJ6T-GP9M-VGT6-RHJM
  • GPXA-7Z9M-74HZ-A69G-349T
  • CHM6-T43A-NDAX-V9TC-HJ69
  • 27GG-PCVH-N3ZG-R64T-UFU6


Author: Jethal