Vox and Nagafen


The touching story of Dragon Love.. the Greatest Love Story in Norrath.

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There once was a Dragon…

Lord Nagafen was exiled from the Ring of Scale for, as the stories say, attempting to mate with a white dragon. Despite being exiled, Nagafen’s power reached far an wide. For many years, he commanded the city of Qeynos to sacrifice a young woman to him once a year. When a maiden by the name of Erolette was selected, she spent her final moments of life praying to the goddess of love, Erollisi Marr. Erollisi heard these prayers and used a golden thread to sew Nagafen’s heart to his stomach, causing the dragon to confuse his hunger for love. Nagafen could not bear to eat Erolette, and as he grew hungrier, his heart grew causing Nagafen himself to grow until he was so large that he could no longer leave his own lair. It was then, that the Truthbringer marched upon Lady Vox..

Author: Jethal