Largest Swapmeet in Landmark


Blackrose Swap
Located on the Liberation – Rift landmass, just south of the hub you will find the largest swap-meet I have seen so far in Landmark. Covering 12 claims, Dasilva and his wife Freyia have been busy maintain this large and lovely swap-meet.

Their Swap-meet is only open to the public for template coping during the hours of 12 noon till 7pm EST Monday, Friday thru Tuesday. The meet is closed on patch days.

There is one open area for drop off of templates, which they sort through and place in the proper spots within the 12 claim area. This makes browsing the area easy since same like items are grouped together.

Hopefully, SOE will come up with a solution to the current problem Swap-meet owners have been faced with lately. People who come in and delete items from the open swap-meet claims. Whole swap-meet claims have been wiped out by such griefing, ruining this wonderful way players have come to share templates of built items.

So if your stuck for an idea, just can’t seem to make a descent arch or need some help with stairs, give Blackrose Swap a visit. Remember to hit Like on the claims when you visit. It will let the owners know that you did enjoy your visit and all their hard work is appreciated.

Located South of the Hub
Blackrose Swap Main area
Mega Voxel Wall

Author: Elquinjena