Tin Node Madness!


Going to SOE Live? Playing Landmark?

Starting on Thursday, the 14th.. be on the lookout for little shiny nodes of Tin (foil)! Sticking out of the little ball of tin is a scrap of paper with a message.. which reads..

By harvesting this Tin Node you have won a Landmark In Game Prize!
A Colonist Flight Suit, Gem Seeker’s Brooch, Feather in a bottle,
or Iron Portcullis (while supplies last). Use your phone
to scan the bar code and send me a tweet to let me
know you have found this Tin. If you do not play
Landmark, please give to a friend who does.
I will meet you at a spot here at SOE Live so you can
claim your prize.

Use your Smartphone’s Barcode reader to scan the QR Code to send a tweet to Elquin and Jethal to let us know you’ve found the node.
Please bring Tin Node with you to verify your win.
We will then meet up with you so you can randomly draw out a prize. We will allow One do over if you get something you already have.

Author: Jethal