Klak’anon Clockworks


Having had great fun playing “Portal” and “Portal2”, I decided to record a new song, from a EverQuestII clockworks’s perspective. There are two versions of the song for you to enjoy. First was recorded using myown voice. The 2nd was completely computer generated (simulating GLaDOS from Portal) – both were run through similar program that was used to actually make GLaDOS’ voice for the Portal Games. Enjoy!

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Klak’anon Alive
-Filk sung to “Still Alive” by Jonathan Coulton (performed by GLaDOS – ending credits of Portal)

What a disaster
They thought we were easy
big mistake
It’s clear to me that they got over their heads

Squeaky and Shakey
We only want grease and oil cans
You want glory and the loot, and you want us dead.

The tank went running and the bards out of tune
The cleric tried to heal, but she got squashed too
The Rogue got seen, he got stabbed in the spleen
Some how the Ranger’s still alive..

Klak’anon clockworks
Living in har-mony till now
You showed up and it really steamed me
And stripped my transmission
You pulled at my cog, you crossed my wires
My compasion chip turned to rust
I hear them coming for you

The clock’s still running, There’s a ladder to climb
You’re taking too long, now you’ve run out of time
Bloodscrew has spawned, it’s too late to run
How is the Ranger, still alive?

My power cell’s empty..
My ocular sensor dims inside..
I dont want to end up in the scrap yard..
They’ll salvage my crankshaft
They’ll take all my gears and melt me down
There will be ot-her un-its
To intercept you..

Around the next corner, there’s something to see
Is it friend or foe, will it try to kill me?
Will it take my loot? our logics absolute
Except that Ranger, still alive..


I’m winding keys and he’s Still Alive?
I killed his teams and he’s Still Alive?
Gave him a paper cut? Still alive..
How is it possible he’s still alive?

Author: Jethal