Play with me now


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Play with me Now – Sung to “Come with me now” by Kongo

Play with me now
Play with me now

Whoa, play with me now
Coming to your town
Whoa, play with me now
One shot, you’re going down

Their fears take their toll
From Far corners of the world
They say my name with bated breath
I walk through fire and flirt with death

Blood runs down my blade
That’s the price you’ll pay
Run toward danger, Run toward pain
blood and ice runs through my veins

(chorus x1)

I Left High Hold keep, running in red
Akesha, grimlings, all of the dead
Flash of my steel, shot from my bow
Death and Justice the seeds that I sow

Fight for the Overlord, Fight for the Queen
Good side, Bad side, causing a scene
Fight by your self, fight with your friends
Brothers and Sisters, You know how this ends..

(chorus x1)

When I come to your town
When gentle moods run down
When my bags are packed with gold
When no one listens to what’s told

When dragons take the sky
When maidens beg and cry
When all seems lost, the streets in flames
When heroes fail, you’ll call my name

Author: Jethal