A, once, popular author of real-crime novels, tries to regain his fame and ends up the next chapter in a 60 year string of bizarre murders. I honestly thought the movie was good. Not great, but good.. there are a few points where I think it could have been better.

  • I hate cheap “screams” – sudden pop ups of monsters, etc.. meant to make the audience scream out loud from the sudden fright, is a very over used and lousy trick.
  • The ending should have been, either, a fade to black, or an effect that would have made it appear that the film had caught on fire, like when the main character stopped the super-8 movie for too long. (yes, if you leave a film paused for too long on an old projector, the film could catch fire from the heat of the bulb)
  • The pace of the movie was a little slow and where the the 12yo son was paid a little attention – and we learn he suffers from “night terrors” (something I suffered from as a kid).. the daughter had virtually no character development. So, the daughter went from being a virtual after-thought, to being the center of attention in the last 5 minutes of the film. That could have been played better.
Author: Jethal