Ghostbusters 2


Set a few years after the events of Ghostbusters (1984), Ray, Egon, Peter and Winston get the band back together after discovering a river of Slime flowing under the city.

This slime is pure, concentrated malice and hate.. and a medieval warlord wants to use it to reincarnate and take over the world.. but first, he needs a body to inhabit.. and that body belongs to the infant son of Peter’s former girlfriend, Dana Barrett.

OK, it’s a general consensus that GB2… well, kinda sucked.

Sub-par performances by, just about, everyone involved.. it was almost like they were doing it because they needed the money – not for the love of the project. Effects that were.. not good.. and they were just throwing stuff at us that, even for a ghost-comedy.. just too hard to swallow. Really? your “mood slime” can make the Statue of Liberty walk? with a modified video game controller? Sigh.. I wanted to like this movie, but just couldn’t.

Ghostbusters 2 Ending Scene
Ghostbusters 2 Ends like This… Really.

btw.. the ending scene, is just.. wow.. ridiculously stupid..

Author: Jethal