In the biggest twist in M Night Shamalamadingdong’s career, he made a good movie!

The lone survivor of a train derailment, David Dunn, recieves a mysterious note which leads him to meet Elijah Price. A man obsessed with comic books, super heroes and villains. Was this a chance meeting? or was it in the cards for David and Elijah to meet? David, a man who’s never been sick a day in his life. Elijah, a man whose bones are brittle, “as glass” and has spent half of his life in and out of hospitals..

David is a security guard.. a protector by choice.. and he didn’t only survive the train accident, he wasn’t even bruised. When Elijah tells David that he thinks he might be something more than human, David is highly skeptical.. who wouldn’t be? That is, until David begins to test this theory.

Great performances by both Willis and Jackson bring, what could have been just another M Night failure, into a solid and entertaining story.

Author: Jethal