Alice in Wonderland


Nineteen year old Alice has grown to be a lovely young woman, courted by a fine (if not a bit of a dweeb) of a man. He wants to take her hand and give her the life of an English lady.. but all Alice wants is to be left alone.. oh.. and perhaps follow that rabbit..

Much like Peter Pan in “Hook”, Alice returns to her fantasy world, without memory of being there before. Waiting for her, are her old companions.. The Tweedles, The March Hare, Dormouse, the Cheshire Cat, The Caterpillar and the Mad Hatter. In her absence, the Red Queen (Queen of Harts) has taken over the land and it’s up to Alice to defeat the queen, slay the Jabberwokey (a dragon) and have everyone live happily ever after.

I’ll state that the acting is over the top, crazy and perfect for this movie. Another visual treat with all the CGI expertly done. And a whimsical story by Tim Burton. What’s not to like?

Of course, some of the story is well.. just not believable.. but it is a children’s fantasy, so I have suspend belief that someone picking up a sword (for the first time) instantly makes them a good swordsman, able to slay a dragon.

It’s a good fun movie. Even if I am sick to death of Johnny Depp, I couldn’t see anyone else portraying him like this.

Author: Jethal