Phantom of the Opera


It’s the classic story of the Phantom of the Opera, with an 80’s Horror flavor. Robert Englund portrays Eric Destler, a man who’s sold his soul to the devil. But, as with all pacts with old Scratch.. it comes with a price.. The Devil mutilates his face so that no one would love him for anything other than his music. Now, horribly disfigured, he kills all who stands in his way, or mildly annoys him.. or stands in the way of the career of his promising new protege.. Christine Day (played by Jill Schoelen).

Though dated, I really did like this adaptation. The grotesque horror of Eric’s face and what he must do to be seen in public (see it for your self) is just good 80’s horror. Robert Englund shows us that he’s more than just Freddy from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise and is just great in this role.

I know that a lot of people liked Jill Schoelen in the 80’s but I really dont get her. She was fine and all, but there was something there I just didnt like.

If you’re a fan of horror, and of the Phantom, I highly recommend this one!

Author: Jethal