Daniel Robitaille.. artist, the son of a freed slave. Hired by a wealthy client to capture the virginal beauty of his daughter on canvas. Naturally, the fell in love. This was to be his death sentence. Daniel was hunted down and dragged to a nearby field where the men sawed off his hand, bound him and smeared him with honey from nearby hives.. the bees attacked and stung him to death as the crown cheered, chanting “Candy-Man” (presumably for his honey-soaked appearance). Now, when you stand in front of a mirror.. call his name five times, and he’ll appear behind you.. a rusted hook replacing his missing hand.

The secret to the Candy Man is faith. He cannot exist without the belief that he is real. It is a blessed condition.. to not have to be, but to exist because others believe in you..

I loved this movie. One of the only black horror villains, Tony Todd portrays him beautifully.. he is strong, methodical, and intelligent. Many characteristics which draw people to Pinhead, of Hellraiser. In a time when horror villains are slow, pretty dumb, and mostly mute, The Candyman stands out.

The story is not entirely original, of course, taking the “Bloody Mary” urban legend into the mythos.

Fans of classic horror can not deny this movie. Watch it and be his victim…

Author: Jethal