Poltergeist 3


There is a place in history for the most cruel, vicious, grotesque experiences that men may endure.. and that’s only what this movie did to the Poltergeist franchise! It’s as if all the writers of 80’s Hollywood all got together to take an giant crap on a notebook, threw it in a blender, microwaved it and served it up to the MGM studios.. and what makes it worse? They bought it!

I feel so bad for the cast.. because, there are some good actors here. But, it makes you wonder if they read the script before singing the contract.

It’s Poltergeist.. in a High Rise!

Carol Ann is shipped off to her aunt and uncle so that she may attend a school for children with special talents. During a hypnotherapy session with her shrink, she regains her psychic connection to the Reverend Kane, and he finds her. Coming to her aid, is everyone’s favorite magic munchkin, Tangina Barrons. And that, my friends, is where the similarities between the other movies, and this one, end.

Sloppy, cheesy, special effects, a story line that makes no sense. The man who played Rev. Kane died.. so they replaced him with someone who looked Nothing Like Him. It’s as if they had a meeting and asked “Hey, we have a high rise.. what could we do here?” Not.. what would Kane do.. or not what Carol Ann would do.. but, what can we throw at the cast to try and appease an audience out of $5 plus concession prices.

The worst part about this is that this was Heather O’Rourke’s final film. She died before the movie was released.

A total abomination of a movie.. and that’s an insult to abominations. Please don’t waste your time on this one. Maybe if we collectively ignore it, it’ll go away.

Author: Jethal