Finders Keepers


A divorced mother of one is thrown into turmoil when her young daughter becomes obsessed with an evil doll left behind by the previous occupants of their new home. (Source: IMDB)

Creepy possessed dolls seem to have become a new fad in the mid-budget horror scene. Most likely due to the revival of the “Child’s Play” franchise. I was looking for intense horror with suspense and shock value.. what I got was disappointment.

Everything in this movie happens too fast, too soon and rather poorly done. I can’t really blame the actors, I think they did as good as they could, despite the script. The concept was not really original, and really, I think the screenplay needed a better writer.

The doll is hideous, why would anyone want to keep it? I would have thrown it in the fireplace right away. The kid is taken over way to quickly. The whole broken family dynamic is old and cliche. Some of the character dialog and interactions is just not believable at all..

During a scene in a diner, the waitress sees the ugly doll and takes it away from the girl.. “Oh, you need a new doll, not this old one.. I’ll throw this away, I think we have another doll out back” – really?? What waitress is going to do this, or have this conversation? Why do you think you have a doll out back??

Neighbor’s cat gets killed.. she’s convinced the girl did it? why? There’s not a shred of evidence to point her to believe that.. not at all. We don’t even see it in the movie.. it just happens.

Doll possessed girl is given a vocal modulation, it’s the cheapest effect ever.. I mean like, you could do this at home on any computer, or hell, even your smartphone.

Doll possessed girl twists her head around.. it’s just bad.. really really bad.

Nothing makes a lot of sense. Even some popular B actors can’t save this one.

Author: Jethal