Night of the Demons


Maddie Curtis and her friends Lilly and Suzanne are ready for a great Halloween night. Theyre going to a party thrown by their friend Angela at the notorious Broussard Mansion in New Orleans (Sources: IMDB)

This is a remake of the 1988 Horror “Night of the Demons“. Angela is throwing a party, and you’re all invited.. As far as remakes go, this really wasn’t too bad. The story is pretty much the same. Demons possess a group of partiers. Of course, being a modern take.. it’s now a rave, and drugs are rampant.

The make up effects are much better in this version, though, I have to object of the over-use of “Nipple Tentacles”. Yeah.. tentacles that come out of a demon’s breasts.. I didnt find that disturbing or sexy.. it was just crude and weird.

Fair warning for parents of younger viewers.. there is a fair bit of sex.

One another note, I love the soundtrack. Perfect for any Halloween party.

Hey, here’s something fun! Linnea Quigley appears in both versions of the movie. This time, she’s listed as “Ballerina Girl” – she’s dressed very much like her 1988 counterpart, handing out candy to kids. (and panty-mooning a couple of little girls)

Author: Jethal