The Monster Club


When horror author, R.Chetwynd-Hayes (John Carradine), went walking down a lonely London road, he didn’t expect to come face to face with a real vampire (Vincent Price). Nor, do I suspect he would be invited to have drinks at the most exclusive club in town. A place where the clientele are dying to get in.. The Monster Club.

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As the Vampire, Eramus, introduces Mr Hayes to the local night life, three stories unfold.

  • The Shadmuck
    • The unfortunate cross breeding of the lowest of humanoid creatures.. these wretches are not only ugly, but cause a feeling of unrest in those around them. Though gentle at heart, woe is he who hears the whistle of this sad creature..
  • The Family Vampire
    • In this short, a vampire director screens his latest film, based upon his own childhood, his mysterious father.. and the dreaded men with Violin Cases.
  • The Humegoo
    • This is the most memorable of the shorts. A director, looking for a site for his next movie happens into a small village hidden behind a veil of mist. Unfortunately for him, it is a village of Ghouls. Creatures of darkness who feast on the flesh of the dead. There, he meets a girl, the offspring of a Human and Ghoul, called a Humegoo..

This is a fun movie from my childhood. The short stories aren’t really that bad. As stated above, the Humegoo story is the best of them, and have actually left an impression on me.. I can’t go by a fog bank without thinking of the village of Ghouls.

Now, all that being said.. the Monster Club, itself.. is hilariously awful. You know how some people have “Ugly Christmas Sweater” parties around christmas time? Well this is a party filled with the dumbest Halloween masks you can think of. Well, not really that the masks are bad.. but, they’re not complete costumes! People wearing these corny masks with their normal clothes makes them just ridiculous.

This is fun for the entire family.. and can be watched for free on YouTube HERE.

Author: Jethal