A vengeful vampire slayer must retrieve an ancient Catholic relic that, should it be acquired by vampires, will allow them to endure sunlight. (Source: IMDB)

This is one of the vampire classics that all horror lovers must see.

Jack Crow (James Woods) is a Vampire hunter with a chip on his shoulder and a van filled with vengeance. Employed by the Vatican to hunt the undead, he scours the south west in search of his next score. Clearing out vampire nests is hard work, and his team backs him up all the way.

…to the grave

When they clear a nest protected by a Master Vampire named Velek (Thomas Ian Griffith), the beast has his own revenge, tracking our heroes down to a motel, where he brutally slaughters everyone except Crow and his closest friend, Montoya (Daniel Baldwin). Another to technically survive is local party girl, Katrina (Sheryl Lee). She’s been bitten, and with a telepathic link to Velek, she’ll lead them straight to him.. kinda.

Very fun movie, great for munching a bowl of popcorn too. Woods’s “Crow” is belligerent and funny.. and this has got to be the best performance I’ve seen out of Daniel Baldwin.

Author: Jethal