An American Werewolf in London


When David and Jack went backpacking across the Scottish Isle, they were expecting fun, adventure and the occasional heard of sheep. What they didn’t plan on, was a visit to a ancient pub in the middle of a small small village on the Yorkshire countryside. A village with a very real fear of the beast that stalks the Moors at night.

Jack is killed and David bitten – the village folk tend to David’s wounds and send him off to hospital in London. What happens next will bring Piccadilly Circus to a blood-curdling halt.

An American Werewolf in London, along with The Howling usher in the modern age of the werewolf, as we say goodbye to the classic Wolfman, and cast light on the Lycanthrope.

Rick Baker’s masterful transformation sequence brought 80’s audiences to the edge of their seats. This wasn’t a “Dissolve” trick, were an image fades into another.. no, this was limbs stretching, bones breaking, hair growing.. Baker actually though the segment was too long and would boar audiences, but his fears were cast aside when he saw the movie in a theater.. and the audience went nuts.. women screamed, and the theater erupted in applause. And this was all done without computers.

The movie is very well done, mostly horror with a touch of comedy. The locations are great and.. well.. you can’t say enough about Baker’s Werewolf, which has come to be known as the Kessler-Wolf.

Author: Jethal