Seventeen years after slaughtering all but one member of a family, a vicious serial killer known only as “The Sandman” awaits execution. But first, his jailers allow a minister to visit the killer to give him last rites, unaware that the minister is a voodoo priest and an ally of the condemned prisoner. The priest places a hex on the Sandman so that when he is executed, his soul migrates into a new body made of sand. To sever his ties with his former life and achieve absolute power, the sandman must find and kill a man named Griffin, the sole survivor of the last family murdered by the killer.

This is an odd movie.. like a lot of horror movies from the early 90’s it had potential for greater things, if the funding were there. Sometimes I think there needs to be a B+ classification. The acting is just a bit wonky, but for 1995, the effects where pretty solid. 90% of the story was good, with just a little “whaaa?” thrown in there.

The “Sandman” backstory is pretty good, which you are told about 3/4’s of the way through. And the lullaby is sufficiently creepy.. in fact I have the mp3 in my collection.

All and all.. not a bad movie, just got a great one.

Author: Jethal