Trick R Treat


Trick R Treat is a modern Anthology of four interwoven stories revolving around a small town’s Halloween night. This film has become a tradition in our house on the 31st of October. It’s intelligent, fun and just enough horror to make it an instant classic for the season. I would say, even great for older kids with the supervision of their parents… except there is a little nudity at the end.

Let’s take a look at some of the story points.. (Spoilers!)

The Principal.

Steven Wilkins is the local school principal, and he Loves Halloween. From passing out candy to the neighborhood kids, to carving Jack o’Lanterns, to carving neighborhood kids.. Yes, Mr Wilkins just loves it all, and loves passing his love of the season on to his son.

Surprise Party.

A group of college girls are out for the time of their lives. Bonfires, booze and boys are on their minds and nothing will stop them from initiating young Laurie into womanhood. If she thinks this night will end with fluffy bunnies and kittens, she’s in for a big surprise.

The Halloween School Bus Massacre.

A small group of school kids bring a special offering to the victims of a tragedy from many years ago, when the parents of the town sought a solution to their troubled youngsters.. but a prank turns to horror as vengeance is on the menu.


Meet Sam. A mischievous scamp who wants nothing more than the perfect Halloween. There are traditions to follow and rules to abide. Should these be ignored, best pray for your hide. But more than the story itself.. let’s talk about young Sam..

The character of Sam is, in my mind, the spirit of Halloween in the flesh. Appearing as a young boy in thermal footie-pajamas with a mask made of a burlap sack, tied over his head with button eyes and a sewn in mouth, Sam goes door to door looking for treats.. no treat? You’d better be prepared for one hell of a night of tricks. He is immortal and his innards seem to be pumpkin.. as we saw in the film, when shot, he appears to “bleed” pumpkin “guts”. He strong for his size, and favors small weapons, such as a pumpkin-shaped lollipop which he can bite into a sharp edge. He can be defeated, or rather.. appeased, by the offering of candy.

Author: Jethal