The Old Dark House


When Tom Penderel befriends, the eccentric, Caspar Femm he has no idea what he’s getting into. Soon enough he’ll find an adventure in Mystery, Lust, Lunacy, and Murder – in this comedic remake of the 1932 classic film by the same title.

The Femm family is set to inherit a vast fortune, left to them by their ancestor and infamous pirate, Captain Morgan. This fortune comes with some stipulations.

  • The Family must live in their ancestral home.
  • The Family must gather at midnight, every night.
  • Those not in attendance shall forfeit their claim on the money.
  • The family lives entirely off the equity of the estate (which isnt much), until there is one surviving heir.

That last stipulation, of course, leads to.. murder.. But who is committing such acts?

  • Roderick, the gun loving patriarch?
  • Morgana, the lonely, love starved cousin?
  • Agatha, the woman who obsesses with her knitting?
  • Potiphar, who believes the world is coming to an end?
  • Morgan, Morgana’s disapproving father?
  • Cecil, who’s stolen Tom’s heart?
  • Perhaps one of the twins? Caspar or Jaspar?

The truth will be known by the rise of the morning’s sun, and a pile of dead people.. good thing they bought all those coffins..

Author: Jethal