Red Clover


Note: Also released as “Leprechaun’s Revenge”

When Pop’s O’Hara takes his granddaughter out shooting, he never expected she’d come across the Tree of Tears, or pluck the Red Clover. Having freed a monster from his bonds, Karen, Pops and Conner must come together as a family to save the town of Keening Massachusetts from a gold-hungry Leprechaun, before the Curse of the Red Clover can claim Karen’s life.

Made for TV (SyFy), I can honestly say that my head did not explode.. better plot than most SyFy movies, special effects where.. acceptable. I didn’t hate it. That being said, whether or not you want to see it is up to you. This is not your typical, story book, Leprechaun – it looks more like a Satyr with a lust for ingesting gold.. yes, it eats gold.

When I saw Billy Zane as headlining this film, I thought to myself, “Wow, I havent seen Zane in anything recently.” – well, it looks like he’s been busy doing made for TV roles.. surprising really, considering his performance in Titanic, which sadly, seems to have been his last big role.

I felt the acting was good. Story could have been tweaked a little bit. But, as far as SyFy movies are concerned, it’s actually not bad.

Author: Jethal