The Visit


I’ve made no secret, in the fact that I have a dislike for M Night Shamalamadingdong. He’s had 2 hit movies, and the rest are just bloody awful. Well, I suppose you can make that 3 good movies now… Because, although I don’t care for “Found Footage” movies, I have to admit that this one was pretty good.

It had it’s fair bit of comedy, which was almost on par with creepiness and (yes) a twist ending that I honestly didn’t guess ahead of time. Oh, I knew there was gonna be a twist, just not the one that was presented to us. And it was well played.

The acting was well done, even by the kids. There are no effects to speak of.

My only “wha?” moment was the oven bit, which was featured in the trailer. How big is that oven, that it could fit a 14 year old girl in, to clean it? Seriously.. and that bit happened more than once.

Should you bring the kids to it? Just be warned that there are some scenes that some would consider distasteful.. and some elderly nudity (rear).

Author: Jethal