The Ghost and Mr Chicken


This is, without a doubt, my favorite Don Knotts movie. A halloween favorite! Don Knotts is truly in his element in his portrayal of, bumbling and coward, type-setter, Luther Heggs. The comedy is spot on with the creepiness of the old Simons Mansion (aka the Psycho House).

Luther Heggs (Don Knotts) is a lonely type-setter for the local, small town, newspaper. All he wants is to be a reporter, and to get with the girl of his dreams, Alma (Joan Staley). With the help of the newspaper’s janitor (Liam Redmond), Luther writes an expose on the Simon’s House – where a murder/suicide took place 20 years before. As a follow-up, Mr Beckett (Dick Sargent), owner of the newspaper, decides that Luther should spend the night in the old mansion. What follows is a night of horrors in a confrontation between the Ghost and Mr Chicken.

This is a great movie for the entire family to share at Halloween.

Author: Jethal