Dorian Gray


There are those who believe that the only things in life are wealth, youth and beauty. Those who would spend lavishly, and drink too deeply at the pleasures of the world, without thought of the consequences to come with age.. when beauty fades, the money dwindles, and the lines of time wrinkle your face. All of these things shall come to pass. Except, perhaps, for Dorian Gray.

This is the 2009 movie adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s novel, The Portrait of Dorian Gray. No spoilers to worry about, the story is over 100 years old!

Young Dorian has it all. And in his vanity, pens his mark with the devil to keep it. When an exceptional artist captures his likeness on canvas, all are stunned at the lifelike painting before them. Soon, Dorian begins to notice subtle changes. Scars on his back, from childhood beatings, are gone, a cut on his hand is healed.. only to appear on his portrait. We watch as a lifetime of sin and debauchery leave not a mark on him.. he does not injure, he does not age, wine and the pleasures of the opium dens leave no trace. But what secrets does he keep locked away in the attic, behind bars and draped cloth?

I really like this version of the story, I thought it was handled rather well. The acting and period enactments are very nicely done. The only thing to mar this production is the poorly done CGI of the portrait.

This movie is simply not for the youngsters, due to drug use, and sex (lots of it).

Author: Jethal