Prince of Darkness


Hello? I’ve got a message for you, and you’re not going to like it.

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Imagine that you’re a scientist, a physicist, in college working for your degree in your field, when your professor informs you that you’ll be spending the weekend, with a group of your peers, analyzing and investigating something. No explanation, just tell me all you can about it from a scientific view. Now, imagine finding out that the object your analyzing has been kept secret for 2,000 years by an order of priests, call the Brotherhood of Sleep.

Now imagine that this object contains the Anti-Christ..

This is another in a great line up of 80’s horror, with a great cast, good use of the technology of the time, and practical effects. Can you imagine, honestly, trying to scientifically analyze a vessel containing the essence of pure evil? If you could.. it would look a lot like this movie.

Fans of Rock music will recognize this as one of the earliest films featuring Alice Cooper (in a non-musical role).

Author: Jethal