In Taipei, the crippled scientist Hashimoto uses his invention of “Menger Sponge” to capture the energy of the spirit of a child in an old building. He invites the specialist in reading lips, Detective Tung, to join his research team that is studying the phenomenon to understand the movements of the lips of the ghost. Hashimoto is trying to disclose why the energy of the ghost does not dissipate, and Tung discovers the identity and the dramatic story of the boy. He was sick with tumors and was killed by his own mother and buried nearby a nuclear plant. Hashimoto deduces that the rage of the boy for his mother associated to the location where the body was buried were the reason to keep the energy. When the government decides to shutdown the research, Hashimoto becomes insane and takes the spirit with him.

Once again, I find myself drawn to, and being impressed by Asian horror productions. The acting was very good. The story kept me intrigued. I would have loved to seen this movie with a higher budget for effects.. though most of the visuals were very good.

The scientific angle of the story took a lot of liberties.. but, imagine capturing a ghost, and studying it? See how it behaves, where would it go? What would it do? Why is it here? These are all questions that Hashimoto, and his team, are trying to find out.

I highly recommend this one. It’s in Chinese, but if you can stand subtitles, it’s definitely worth your time.

Author: Jethal